A Descriptive Domain Can Make The Difference

At we specialize in descriptive domain names, domains for small and big business.

We know from experience that a good domain can help any business that benefits from online exposure either hit the ground running or perform better and optimize their profits in the process.

Your domain url is often your very first point of contact with your customer, if that clicks in a way that it instills confidence and authority, which is often the case for descriptive keyword domains, then you have overcome a big initial hurdle right from the bat.

Because that customer will choose your website, they want to see what you offer, that means you get the first shot to get the customer in the door and not your competitor(s).

A great domain can work for your business as a primary branding tool, or for existing brands as a secondary branding tool that can be used for additional marketing strategies to create a more diverse point of entry to pull in new business.

It works for others, it can also work for your business!


Your UK customer base would rather visit a website versus a .com in the search results and buy from a website.

(Source: Nominet)

Online ecommerce in the UK is growing stronger every year and good domains are getting more expensive and harder to find.

A descriptive domain can help you establish authority and perform better in the search results.

With a higher recognition factor you will receive more more clicks in the search results, this will help a website not only pull in more users, but also to rank better for search queries relevant to your website.

Taking all this into consideration it makes a one time investment for a descriptive and highly relevant domain to your business a very wise and profitable investment!